Indiana Jones Bethesda Game - Official Teaser

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6 päivää sitten

A new Indiana Jones game from Bethesda and Machine Games has been revealed! Check out the short teaser here!

GODZILLA MAN 2 minuuttia sitten
So they are just going to give up on my FALLOUT 3000
Zack Bindseil
Zack Bindseil 24 minuuttia sitten
its gonna be like skyrim but with a whip n hat
mykido 34 minuuttia sitten
Is this some sort of out of season April fools joke? Where’s elder scrolls 6
212 40 minuuttia sitten
I'll just take a uncharted 5.....thanks though
Sreenanda N
Sreenanda N 44 minuuttia sitten
these skyrim jokes are getting out of hands
Mark the Mutation
Mark the Mutation 48 minuuttia sitten
Will it have 10 times the rendering?
Spiritual Nofapper
Spiritual Nofapper 53 minuuttia sitten
I bet it's going to have micro transaction's
BeavisSaves Tunti sitten
See that boulder rolling at you? You can climb it
Coyote Duster
Coyote Duster Tunti sitten
There's a mod that will replace the Boulder trap with macho man randy savage
Gabriel Syhalath
Gabriel Syhalath Tunti sitten
I hope we play as shortround and the only thing we do is scream for dr jones
Jetli333 Tunti sitten
Game Pass 😎👊
MINGdaMERCILES _ Tunti sitten
So Indie was the one to open the Slayer's tomb all this time huh?
ZERO DELAY Tunti sitten
Yes tell us sweet lies Bethesda
2BuckGeo 2 tuntia sitten
Search and Tear
kid with problems
kid with problems 2 tuntia sitten
Oh no
Cyo Latta
Cyo Latta 2 tuntia sitten
Omfg this is absolutely fantastic i can’t wait
penis parker
penis parker 2 tuntia sitten
I hope it’s not first personal
Reddit Stories
Reddit Stories 2 tuntia sitten
Literally just uncharted 3 trailer
Jilk 2 tuntia sitten
Emperor’s Tomb was one of my favorite games as a kid. I know that this game isn’t going to be the same, but I’m still excited to get back into the world.
OtakuDraws86 2 tuntia sitten
Ok can we get a computer generated younger face model of Harrison Ford, great story and characters! Also great locations? Todd Howard: 16x the details!!! Me: Oh boy!!!
damebuster 2 tuntia sitten
bethesda needs to make a new terminator game, todd howard's old stomping grounds. since todd howard is so adamant on turning fallout into an action FPS, he should lay off fallout for a while and make a terminator game again. microsoft should hire the people who made terminator resistance as well.
alexis garcia
alexis garcia 2 tuntia sitten
I bet it has something for everyone
Preston Kaye
Preston Kaye 2 tuntia sitten
Pov: your desk is messy
Canadianvoice 3 tuntia sitten
It belongs in a museum.
Nina 3 tuntia sitten
What another Indiana Jones game that not bout legos
Declan Brunner
Declan Brunner 3 tuntia sitten
Dude no wtf
Arjalineck 3 tuntia sitten
Waking up in a vault after the war... With a whip and his hat... Exploring the wasteland... Wait a minute...
AlphaQGentley 89
AlphaQGentley 89 3 tuntia sitten
It Just Works
Abraham Peláez
Abraham Peláez 3 tuntia sitten
I hope Todd plays the role as Indiana Jones!
Akbur 4 tuntia sitten
Please Bethesda please...
DON'T LOOK AT MY AVATAR 4 tuntia sitten
Just don't look at my nickname !
Devin Butler
Devin Butler 4 tuntia sitten
We already have an "Indiana Jones" game for fans that played Uncharted and Tomb Raider lol.
No I'm Not Changing My Name
No I'm Not Changing My Name 4 tuntia sitten
*The Elder Scrolls III : The Lost Ark*
C B 4 tuntia sitten
The art style of this looks like a hidden item mobile game.
Jamatr0n 4 tuntia sitten
From the team that brought you every broken game ever
Epicon 6
Epicon 6 4 tuntia sitten
The whole game better look this great
spencer bowman
spencer bowman 4 tuntia sitten
I want the next elders scrolls why are we doing Indiana Jones
Smiling Silverhand
Smiling Silverhand 4 tuntia sitten
Don't make me choose between this and the 007 game... Please
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 5 tuntia sitten
This definitely has hope. Can't wait to see a real trailer.
JOE Vandeleur
JOE Vandeleur 5 tuntia sitten
“It just works.”
Luke Deti
Luke Deti 5 tuntia sitten
Samaritan 5 tuntia sitten
Can't wait to see how Strong Empowered Female Character is better at everything Indy does and teaches him a lesson about his chauvinism.
Andy Tonge
Andy Tonge 5 tuntia sitten
Michael Lott
Michael Lott 5 tuntia sitten
better not be some point and click game dude..
Nex The Alien
Nex The Alien 5 tuntia sitten
First I was curious, NOW I WAIT FOR IT.
Lord-JP 5 tuntia sitten
It's about time.
doire aintu
doire aintu 5 tuntia sitten
Wonder if Indiana Jones would be scared of Slither.
Sean Doherty
Sean Doherty 5 tuntia sitten
I was hopeful for this game then I found out it's Bethesda...
Jonas Petersen
Jonas Petersen 5 tuntia sitten
Oh, sorry i fell asleep. What happened?
Yankee Scratcher
Yankee Scratcher 5 tuntia sitten
Omg omg omg omg omg
Never Nothing
Never Nothing 5 tuntia sitten
Did they get Harrison Ford for the voice?
doire aintu
doire aintu 5 tuntia sitten
Why is being compared to TES V when it's been developed by Machine? Wtf :v
Between Worlds Editing
Between Worlds Editing 6 tuntia sitten
I was an adventurer too. Then I took a whip to the knee
srednam nailimixam
srednam nailimixam 6 tuntia sitten
Surely it has 16x the detail
pete M3rlin
pete M3rlin 6 tuntia sitten
"Why does it has to be snakes?"
HansGrubr 6 tuntia sitten
Bethesda have been on a really rough patch of bad ideas the last few years. Wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up first person with multiplayer
sam hart
sam hart 6 tuntia sitten
Looks like we’re going to Rome
Fullmetal25 6 tuntia sitten
Hopefully it comes out. I remember I was supposed to back in ps2 and xbox days
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 6 tuntia sitten
Seriously guys, its 'Bethesda'!. Ain't no Naughty Dog! I'd personally rather Lucusfilms give these rights to smaller up and coming studios who have a lot more to prove, can dedicate all of their energy to making the best title possible, rather than the sausage factories that Bethesda and Ubisoft have become. Who is to say Bethesda and Ubisoft can do any better than EA????
doom slayer
doom slayer 5 tuntia sitten
Its machine games
Fahad Naushad
Fahad Naushad 6 tuntia sitten
The theme song remastered 😭
Francisco Van Epps
Francisco Van Epps 6 tuntia sitten
please make it just work
Logan Long
Logan Long 6 tuntia sitten
So this officially makes Fallout and Indiana Jones canon?
Splashy 6 tuntia sitten
If it’s not Lego Indiana Jones I ain’t buyin
Mint Brisk
Mint Brisk 6 tuntia sitten
How will they make this without unintentionally ripping off Uncharted? This I gotta see. And not make it too obvious
Neoand12 6 tuntia sitten
I’m sorry but we have tomb raider and uncharted.
Beatriz Amante
Beatriz Amante 6 tuntia sitten
Why is being compared to TES V when it's been developed by Machine? Wtf :v
JoeyG14 6 tuntia sitten
What if it’s a Xbox exclusive
Anthony Peterson
Anthony Peterson 6 tuntia sitten
The real guy is too old to be this character - so now YOU be this character.
Mars KXNG 6 tuntia sitten
"16 times the detail"
Archamus DK
Archamus DK 6 tuntia sitten
Im all in
Nemanja Badric
Nemanja Badric 7 tuntia sitten
kryptic chaos
kryptic chaos 7 tuntia sitten
I can't wait, this is a chance for Bethesda to redeem itself after fallout, I've been waiting for an Indiana jones game for a long time till then just stick with tomb raider
SpiffyMario55 51 minuutti sitten
@3adir no. to truly rise back up, they should fix the mess that is Fallout 76 and get a move on with Elder Scrolls 6!
3adir 6 tuntia sitten
Bethesda is the publisher. Machinegames is developing this game If Bethesda game studios wants to redeem themselves, they can with their upcoming game: starfield
mark 7 tuntia sitten
is he black
Jacob Durkin
Jacob Durkin 7 tuntia sitten
These types of game trailers leave me wanting more. Called a teaser trailer imo. If it’s not fact already..
Scott Grisham
Scott Grisham 7 tuntia sitten
I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee
Homeboy_Brando 7 tuntia sitten
I’ve said for awhile now that Nathan Drake is the Indiana Jones of video games, and now they’re going to make Indiana Jones the Indiana Jones of video games!😁
undead9786 7 tuntia sitten
All the stuff on the table are microtransactions.
KILLJOY KING 7 tuntia sitten
0:23 vine noise
Matt Settle
Matt Settle 7 tuntia sitten
I just hope it's a mobile game
lykan2 8 tuntia sitten
"I once was an Archeologist like you, then i took a Whip to the Knee"
Marcell Kazsimér
Marcell Kazsimér 8 tuntia sitten
It would be great if Harrison Ford would be in it
EveningsWithX 8 tuntia sitten
Filippo Fontana
Filippo Fontana 8 tuntia sitten
Will this game for PC or ps4?
Filippo Fontana
Filippo Fontana 6 tuntia sitten
@3adir nice! Thanks!
3adir 6 tuntia sitten
The studio developing the game is owned by Microsoft. So only pc and xbox
Mr Rieper
Mr Rieper 8 tuntia sitten
I hope it's like Emperor's Tomb. That game was class.
mo kushtiwala
mo kushtiwala 8 tuntia sitten
Smith Wesson
Smith Wesson 8 tuntia sitten
[Swordsman] Target: Head 95% Critical Hit on Swordsman You have gained karma. 😇
Smith Wesson
Smith Wesson 8 tuntia sitten
*[Speech 90/100]* It belongs in a museum! *[FAILED]* SO DO YOU!
Yuvraj Zala
Yuvraj Zala 8 tuntia sitten
Indy used to be an adventurer until snakes attacked him on his knee!
natan Weiss
natan Weiss 8 tuntia sitten
joseph mannion
joseph mannion 8 tuntia sitten
Looks like a hidden object game trailer
Jacob Glaser
Jacob Glaser 9 tuntia sitten
An Uncharted style Indy game would be amazing. I wish Amy Hennig was involved.
Scarab51 9 tuntia sitten
I can’t wait to find all the glitch... I mean “features”
NinjaZER0 9 tuntia sitten
Bethesda - making Indiana Jones game Ubisoft - making Star Wars Hitman group- making a 007 Warner bros- sucide squad
Q 9 tuntia sitten
YES! Been forever since I played an Indiana Jones game! Thank you!
Q 6 tuntia sitten
@Jequavis Thyroid Hell yeah! As long as it can top The Last Of Us Pt. 2
Jequavis Thyroid
Jequavis Thyroid 7 tuntia sitten
xbox exclusive
Jake 9 tuntia sitten
Wait this is real? What kinda trailer was that???
yeswecant 9 tuntia sitten
Indiana Jones 76 - It Just Works
Ahmed Sami
Ahmed Sami 9 tuntia sitten
xbox exclusive
DragonHeart613 9 tuntia sitten
From Machine Games, the developers of the infamous Wolfenstein: Youngblood🤢👎💩👎😡
ET 421
ET 421 9 tuntia sitten
The crackling at the beginning sounds like a radio, but really Indy’s hips, and knees, and back...on a search for the lost bottle of Geritol..”Stairs, why’d it have to be stairs?”....just joshing i don’t care if he’s 120, always up for an adventure with Henry Jones Jr...”Come on Mutt, here boy!”
I Am The Law
I Am The Law 9 tuntia sitten
Hopefully Bethesda doesnt ruin it
LimitedSpartan 9 tuntia sitten
I see Indiana jones, I'm interested. Bethesda? Well, maybe not anymore.
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